Birth story of Valeria: [in English] how different and yet similiar

[Valeria lives in Quito, Ecuador.]

It is amusing to me how two babies, made from the exact same mix of people can be so similar and different at the same time, starting by how they came to the world. So start my birth story:

Let’s start by saying I had never been scared of birth. Yes, I knew it would be a kind of pain I had never even been close to feeling, but I also knew I was gonna meet my babies. Also, I like to think that our bodies are wise, that nature is wise, and that if millions of women have survived birth this way for millions of years, I would too.


Every contraction brings me closer to my baby – Karita: (in English)

I was at home as my water broke. I did not have any contractions at that time yet (or I did not feel the contraction) and I called the hospital. They said that there was no hurry and I could relax at home and go to the hospital within three hours.

After the three hours we drove to the hospital and as they did CTG, I could feel light contractions, so no pain yet. The midwives and the doctor explained that if the labour would not start naturally, they would need to give me antibiotics after 12 hours and after 24 hours they would need to initiate the labour and that I should go rest to the station and a nurse would show a place for me.

My husband went home to sleep and I tried to relax but slowly every contraction became stronger so that I could not lie down anymore but I had to sit and breathe as each contraction came but still it was not too painful.