McKayla (2/2): Painless Childbirth

McKayla learned from her first birth experience. She was determined to know all she had to know and to trust and believe. It worked out in a wonderful way:

Painfree birth as a result of knowledge and faith
As you read this, I want you to envision this coming true for you. Envision giving birth to your baby and smiling, laughing, and talking with every contraction. I want to give encouragement to all the ladies in the world who are pregnant, want to be pregnant, or even just know anyone who would enjoy this knowledge. I also want to highlight that my first birth was not pain free.

My second baby was surprisingly born on his due date. After my oldest was born I studied birth for 4 more years… I knew pain free birth was possible, I knew it before having my oldest, but I had too much fear and uncertainty for it to be a reality for me at that time even though I wanted it to be.


Stille Geburt vs Geburt in Stille — Begriffsklärung

Ich habe bisher unter dem Begriff „Stille Geburt“ die Geburt eines Kindes verstanden, das entweder bereits tot war oder im Verlauf der Geburt stirbt.

Verschiedene deutschsprachige Webseiten definieren „Stille Geburt“ als Geburt eines gestorbenen Babys, also als Totgeburt (zum Beispiel familie.de, dieser Beitrag in der ZEIT, der Hebammenblog oder dieser Beitrag in der FAZ).


Kari (in English): Free birth after three c-sections

Background: I had 3 initial cesareans: The first was breech; with my second and third I always tried for a vaginal birth after a c-section (VBAC) in the medical system, but was baited and switched and bullied both times. I knew I had to get out of the system if I wanted a different outcome. Pregnancy #4 was a redeeming and glorious birth after three c-sections, proving with support, I could do it. His waters were broken for 5 days with no labor then a lightning fast 3.5 hour labor and 1 push. I had hoped for a repeat!


Logo von Ich Gebäre und Titel des Beitrags: VBAC Home birth Melissa

VBAC: Home birth — Ungeplante Hausgeburt nach Kaiserschnitt: Melissas Geschichte [in English]

Melissa hatte eine ungeplante Hausgeburt nach einem Kaiserschnitt [VBAC: Home birth = Vaginale Geburt nach einem Kaiserschnitt: Hausgeburt]. Ihre Geschichte erschien ursprünglich auf ihrem Blog Pretty Messy Melon. Ich darf ihre Geschichte hier ebenfalls veröffentlichen. Selbstverständlich liegen alle Rechte an Text und Bild ausschließlich bei Melissa. Sie hat ihre Geschichte auf Englisch veröffentlicht.

Auf den Bildern ist ein Neugeborenes zu sehen. Falls du die Geschichte lesen möchtest, aber keine Bilder sehen magst, kontaktier mich bitte. Ich schicke dir gerne die reine Textversion.

Melissa posted the story of her second birth on her blog. The original blogpost can be seen here: https://prettymessymellon.com/beautiful-vbac-home-birth-story/

Melissa gave me permission to copy her story and the fotos with it. All content belongs to her.


Toni [in English]: long on and off, then quick as a shot

This is the story of my second birth.

I went and hopped in the bath at about 1pm because I’d been having sporadic contractions for the last 24 hours on and off and had a bit of lingering back pain from it.

When I was in there they finally got into a bit of a pattern so I thought I’d relax, wash my hair a bit, be chill. My mum took my first-born, who was 20 months old at the time, for her lay down.


Videos als Geburtsvorbereitung

Wer noch nie bei einer Geburt dabei war, kann sich durch lesen und reden viel Wissen aneignen. Manche Menschen möchten trotzdem gerne auch sehen, wie so eine Geburt abläuft.

In Zeiten des Internet ist es zum Glück vergleichsweise einfach, Videos zu sehen. Oder ist es doch eher ein Fluch!? Wenn man an die falschen Videos gerät, können Geburten auch eher angsteinflößend als ermutigend sein…

Überlegt euch deshalb im Vorhinein schon, welche Art von Videos ihr gerne sehen wollt. Soll es eine Krankenhausgeburt sein? Soll es eine Hausgeburt sein? Willst du eine Wassergeburt, eine Zwillingsgeburt, eine Steißgeburt sehen?

Ich habe mir vorgenommen, auf dieser Seite zu Videos zu verlinken und jeweils eine kurze Beschreibung dazu zu liefern, so dass du anhand der Beschreibung entscheiden kannst, ob du das Video sehen magst.

Diese Liste wird also nach und nach hoffentlich länger und länger. Gerne nehme ich dabei auch Videos auf, die du besonders hilfreich fandest!

Veröffentlichung am 30.7.2018


Laura (in English): Sqeezing hips, please

Laura tells us how the father’s baby had a perfect idea for a beautiful home birth.


About us… my husband and I consider ourselves pretty green, spiritual, vegan, earthy, karma believers and live our „law of attraction” lifestyle the best we can.

A pregnancy without problems

First baby, first pregnancy. A little bit about my pregnancy. I had an amazing pregnancy. I did feel the fatigue and crumminess between week 6-12. No appetite and just super blah, but not actually throwing up, just once! From month 3 onward I had no real signs of pregnancy, I felt 100% myself. It was amazing!

Right until our little guy was born, I didn’t have an ache, Braxton-hick or a hint of fatigue. I gained 20lbs total. I started my pregnancy in the dark about the choice of freebirth, or even midwives at that point.


Mary: the urge to be alone

Mary tells us about her beautiful daughter being born — and how her dad went to get ear plugs to be able to sleep through the noise.


Even short before the birth started, I was still unsure of my gestation, only knowing that I was either 34 or 38 weeks, so it did not feel unrealistic to me to be having my baby in late May. Hah. Denial is a hell of a thing. I totally knew.

Yesterday I woke up with a crazy amount of energy. I spent my day shoveling seaweed in the garden, then going for a long walk on the beach with my love, then coming home and inhaling a huge lunch, immediately afterwards feeling a ferocious need to be alone and take a nap.


Elissa: how a second birth can heal a birth trauma

Elissia writes about her 2nd birth — about practical preparation and the healing powers of doing it your own way.


A little bit of a back story.

My first labor and birth was traumatic. I was in active labor for 36 hours and pushed for 7 hours. I was at a birthing center with a midwife and a „meh” partner (so, basically by myself.) It resulted in a transfer to a hospital a town away where I had an emergency c-section. „Diagnosis” was maternal exhaustion/failure to progress. I don’t remember a single thing after the transfer, didn’t see my daughter until 3 hours after she was born, my stitches tore open because the surgeon sucked, it got infected, they prescribed the wrong meds for the infection and I ended up needing a blood transfusion. Needless to say, I desperately wanted a different outcome with this birth… and I got it.