McKayla (2/2): Painless Childbirth

McKayla learned from her first birth experience. She was determined to know all she had to know and to trust and believe. It worked out in a wonderful way:

Painfree birth as a result of knowledge and faith
As you read this, I want you to envision this coming true for you. Envision giving birth to your baby and smiling, laughing, and talking with every contraction. I want to give encouragement to all the ladies in the world who are pregnant, want to be pregnant, or even just know anyone who would enjoy this knowledge. I also want to highlight that my first birth was not pain free.

My second baby was surprisingly born on his due date. After my oldest was born I studied birth for 4 more years… I knew pain free birth was possible, I knew it before having my oldest, but I had too much fear and uncertainty for it to be a reality for me at that time even though I wanted it to be.

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Stille Geburt vs Geburt in Stille — Begriffsklärung

Ich habe bisher unter dem Begriff „Stille Geburt“ die Geburt eines Kindes verstanden, das entweder bereits tot war oder im Verlauf der Geburt stirbt.

Verschiedene deutschsprachige Webseiten definieren „Stille Geburt“ als Geburt eines gestorbenen Babys, also als Totgeburt (zum Beispiel, dieser Beitrag in der ZEIT, der Hebammenblog oder dieser Beitrag in der FAZ).

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McKayla: (1/2) Believe, but to faith in painless birth

McKayla writes about her dream of painless birth, and why it did not work out for her first baby.

First things first, I want you to understand that my pain free childbirth is something that I worked for, HARD! I devoted time into making this a reality for me, and the first time it didn’t happen the way I wanted, which was disheartening and something I had to add to the list of things I needed to overcome. For my benefit, my first experience did give me strength, wisdom, and a beautiful little girl in which I am extremely thankful for. So here is a little bit of background on my first birth.


My little girl was a mostly natural delivery in a hospital with a midwife. I went two weeks past my due date, and was scheduled for an induction which I did not want. I knew that induction would make the experience worse; I knew that pitocin would cause my contractions to be hard and forceful. I was so afraid of the induction. I did everything in my power to delay the induction.

The morning of the induction I arrived at the hospital at 6am, from there, I told my midwives I didn’t want to start with pitocin. That if they were going to induce, then I wanted my water broken first. Well, they didn’t like that so much. The midwife I was working with walked away to deliberate on how to deal with me. Side note: I’m a very stubborn woman, when I get something in my head I stick to my guns until the last minute.

Foley Catheter

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Kari (in English): Free birth after three c-sections

Background: I had 3 initial cesareans: The first was breech; with my second and third I always tried for a vaginal birth after a c-section (VBAC) in the medical system, but was baited and switched and bullied both times. I knew I had to get out of the system if I wanted a different outcome. Pregnancy #4 was a redeeming and glorious birth after three c-sections, proving with support, I could do it. His waters were broken for 5 days with no labor then a lightning fast 3.5 hour labor and 1 push. I had hoped for a repeat!

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Toni [in English]: long on and off, then quick as a shot

This is the story of my second birth.

I went and hopped in the bath at about 1pm because I’d been having sporadic contractions for the last 24 hours on and off and had a bit of lingering back pain from it.

When I was in there they finally got into a bit of a pattern so I thought I’d relax, wash my hair a bit, be chill. My mum took my first-born, who was 20 months old at the time, for her lay down.

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