Toni [in English]: long on and off, then quick as a shot

This is the story of my second birth.

I went and hopped in the bath at about 1pm because I’d been having sporadic contractions for the last 24 hours on and off and had a bit of lingering back pain from it.

When I was in there they finally got into a bit of a pattern so I thought I’d relax, wash my hair a bit, be chill. My mum took my first-born, who was 20 months old at the time, for her lay down.

Then, all of a sudden, the contractions were 2 minutes apart and lasting for two minutes and I could not move or talk through them. So I called my brother in and he was rubbing my back while I told him I was going to fucking die and roaring at him like a dragon.

Then he helped me get in the shower and literally held me up while I was kneeled down clinging to his hands, and I felt this huge and weird drop in my tummy. So I reached down and felt Bubs head!

He was still in his sac and it felt weird and squashy and I thought he was breech for a second, but then while I was wondering what the hell was going on: POP out he came, and I grabbed him! I tipped him up onto my chest and he coughed up his fluid, had a cry, and weve been nursing ever since.


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