Kari (in English): Free birth after three c-sections

Background: I had 3 initial cesareans: The first was breech; with my second and third I always tried for a vaginal birth after a c-section (VBAC) in the medical system, but was baited and switched and bullied both times. I knew I had to get out of the system if I wanted a different outcome. Pregnancy #4 was a redeeming and glorious birth after three c-sections, proving with support, I could do it. His waters were broken for 5 days with no labor then a lightning fast 3.5 hour labor and 1 push. I had hoped for a repeat!

During pregnancy #5 I had dropped bread crumbs to hubby that I needed a free birth this time, it just felt so right. He was not 100% supportive but knew that two hospitals were close and our last delivery went so well. My mom was fully informed of my plans and we were both unsure what role she would take at the birth itself, so overall supportive.

At 38 weeks on the dot at the stroke of midnight, my water broke hours after I placed orders for my final birthing supplies. I canceled them right away after contractions started and knew they would not arrive in time.

Surprisingly contractions started up right away at 6 minutes apart, then continued with 5, 4, and 3 minute-breaks. They stayed throughout labor at 2.5-3 minutes apart.

My mom and I spent time walking my house, bouncing on our labor ball, trying to take naps, siping broth, waiting for a sign that it was time to push. We occasionally checked baby’s heart rate and it was always in the 130s; baby was active, and we tried to keep everything really clean down there.

FINALLY at 5pm I started to feel the urge to bear down and tried to tell myself „it feels good to push”, although sometimes it did and didn’t. I roared through contractions 4 times on the toilet and was encouraged to move to side laying on bed where I pushed 5 more times.

Not as much progress as I had hoped, so we moved to hands and knees at the side of the bed. Here after a few rounds of pushing I could feel the head in the canal emerge! After 4 more pushes and my mom confirming his head was halfway birthed, I gave it one last push and my team green baby slid out with a loose cord around his neck into my mom’s hands. She unwrapped his cord and handed him to me and declared „you have another son!“

It was my oldest son’s (9) first birth, he had waited so long to partake in this birth. It was my sister’s first birth and my mom’s first delivery! I knew I could do it and I am grateful I had all the support I did. Our little peanut still has no length, weight, or name, but he sure is cute! : )

We are wanting another so this story is to be continued. . .


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