Rosie [in English]: harmony at home with preparation and faith

Rosie erzählt ihre Hausgeburt mit Mann, Hebamme, Doula und älterem Geschwisterkind. Sie beschreibt ihre Vorbereitung, ihren Glauben und das Wunder der ersten Minuten. 
I have found it quite difficult to write my birth story. Not because it was traumatic and I don’t want to re-live it; quite the contrary. I had a beautiful, amazing birth, and this is the reason I find it difficult to write. Because people don’t want to hear about it. It seems that, in our culture, it is fine and normal to relate negative stories of births that have not gone according to plan, but no one seems to be telling the stories of empowering, uplifting births that were what the mother was hoping and believing for.
I don’t write this to skite or because I think I am better than anyone else. I don’t write this to make anyone feel badly about their own experience. I write this because everyone has a birth story, every birth story is beautiful and unique, and mine happens to be a very positive story that I believe deserves to be told.
My Braxton Hicks contractions had been getting stronger over the last few weeks of the pregnancy – about a week before the birth I thought I was in labour for sure. I even called the midwife, filled the pool and got the camembert out to celebrate! Well the contractions stopped before bedtime. I had to buy more camembert.

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Trudy (in English): Water breaking with Yehova’s Witness at the door

Our son Fox Eros freebirthed at home on 03/04/18, arriving Earthside at 8.15pm, at 40+2 weeks gestation

A Witness for the start

I was awoken to my waters leaking at 4.45am, and lay in bed for a couple of hours as they continued to trickle. I then got up and my husband took the day off work and ran some errands as I tidied around. At 11.05am they full on broke, Hollywood style! (Just as a Jehovahs Witness knocked on the door! My husband was trying his best to politely get rid of her as fast as he could as I’m stood in the hallway behind him, trousers round my ankles with fluid still pouring down and pooling all around me 😂)

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